A native of Lincoln, NE Dr. Ebers went to college in Houston, which allowed him to compete in gymnastics. Dr. Ebers came back to Lincoln and graduated from Nebraska’s Dental College in 1990.

Lincoln was a wonderful place to come home to, and he also married his wife Cathy in 1990. They are currently raising three children.

Like many of a certain age, Dr. Ebers is slowly accepting that he can no longer keep up with his kids in any physical activity.

Whether your teeth aren't quite as even as you like or there are stains marring the enamel, you find reasons not to smile when you are uncomfortable with the way your teeth look. Don't worry - Dr. Ebers is here to help!

After a brief consultation to discuss what you want to get out of our cosmetic dentistry services, we'll draw up a treatment plan to help your teeth look their best.
With access to state-of-the-art technology and techniques polished by decades of experience, you'll smile for a mile!

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Alicia is also a Lincoln, NE native. She and Dr. Ebers have been working together for nearly 22 years.

She does everything at the office except the dentistry. (That’s what she claims anyway.)

She currently has two dogs, two cats, two sons, but only one husband. They have been married for 28 years. (Congratulations guys!)Type your paragraph here.

Alicia is banned from going near a pet store for fear that she may come home with another pet.

Alicia is also bravely fighting her addictions to Facebook, reality TV, and Jon Bon Jovi.